[English Word] armpit
[Swahili Word] kwapa
[Swahili Plural] makwapa
[Part of Speech] noun
[Class] 5/6
[Swahili Example] kajizingirisha kanga moja chini ya kwapa [Ya]
[English Word] armpit (of a small child)
[English Plural] armpits
[Swahili Word] kikwapa
[Swahili Plural] vikwapa
[Part of Speech] noun
[Class] 7/8
[Derived Language] Swahili
[Derived Word] kwapa
[English Word] in the armpit
[Swahili Word] kwapani
[Swahili Plural] makwapani
[Part of Speech] noun
[English Example] The dress that was her school uniform she wrapped in her head scarf and carried it under her arm.
[Swahili Example] Gauni ambalo lilikuwa vazi rasmi la shule alilifunga katika kitambaa chake cha kichwa na kulifutika kwapani [Balisidya, Masomo 350]

English-Swahili dictionary. 2013.


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